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Thermoforming Machine | Paper & Plastic Mold

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Pushing, Pulling, and Stretching to Create.

The fine art of forming. Certain equipment or solutions perform specific functions, depending on the products you manufacture or intend to manufacture. We have improved, reimagined, and retooled many of those solutions for better functionality, and now, we are looking into the future so we can solve for issues you haven’t even encountered yet in your thermoforming process. Whether it’s a short trip or a long journey, we are with you every step of the way.

Forming is the main functionality of our process solutions. We engineer to create specific functional attributes for our customer's needs, and the forming process is what ultimately gives us the shape of things that our customers sell. BMG not only provides specific deliverable aspects of the thermoforming process as a whole, but we can also implement any individual tasks in the workflow that support it. We are truly an end-to-end solution company that prides itself on being able to offer whatever scenario best fits your situation.

Thermoforming Machine I Paper & Plastic Molds

BMG provides the most innovative, durable, and dependable thermoforming equipment in the industry, from entry-level thermoformers to the industry’s most technologically advanced turnkey systems. We are dedicated to determining and delivering the best solutions, whether it’s new materials, faster setup times, higher output, or improving parts quality. We deliver the optimal solution to achieve your desired results while improving consistency, speed, and profitability.

Thermoforming Plastic

Thermoforming is the process of heating material, commonly thermo-plastic, until it can be molded to the desired form. This is most commonly achieved through pressure forming, vacuum forming, or mechanical forming. The applications of thermoforming are vast and include food packaging, industrial, medical, and e-commerce industries.

Food & Consumer Packaged Goods

The uses for thermoformed are infinite in number and readily available in every retail application you can think of. The most common is packaging, including packaging for food and consumer goods. Due to the nature of thermoforming and the variety of weight in thermoplastics, these techniques are equally applicable to creating rigid packaging solutions.

Forming Paper Products

Very similar in process to plastic forming, Thermoforming paper trays, plates, bowls, cups, and other products can be formed into a multitude of market-desired shapes. Similarly, this process uses heat, pressure, and moisture content from the paper sheet to form a product into a desired shape with varying amounts or rigidity.

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