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In-Process Material

Whoa, That’s Big & Heavy

In industrial manufacturing, one has to look into automated processes that will move heavy materials from point A to point B.

In Process Materials

BMG’s collaborative robot palletizing and transport solutions are the answer to moving and palletizing heavy loads and moving in-process products from one cell to another in the production process. This industrial-strength robotic technology has a 30% further vertical reach than all of our competitors, allowing an additional layer to your standard palletizing arrangement. This can add up to 25% more products to your shipments. These robotic automated machines have a rapid set-up, a narrow footprint, advanced industrial strength, and are very user-friendly.

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Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Stability, safety, and better ROI

With reduced overall manpower requirements and a newfound decrease in overhead costs due to process improvements, our operations achieve greater stability, safety, and improved return on investment (ROI).

Uniquely Engineered

BMG’s uniquely engineered solutions provide a variety of automation configurations to fit your process to a “T.”

Perfect Shipping System

These unique automated material and inventory movers form an ideal shipping system for palletizing products destined for consumers.

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