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Airflow, Keep It Dry, and Keep It Cool

Creating construction materials for attics, basements, and cooling towers.

Attic Baffles

BMG creates Attic Baffles- chutes that are used in attic construction to provide a channel for air to flow from exterior soffit vents up into the attic space. That airflow is intended to churn the stale air in an attic, which helps to remove moisture and control the temperature. Baffles come in a variety of materials, including foam, plastic, or paperboard. In addition to offering airflow in the attic space, baffles keep attic insulation off of the roof deck, which is crucial for cold winters.

Basement Drain Systems

BMG Basement Drain system parts are engineered to create a modular scalable drainage solution that helps eliminate the possibility of moisture getting into a basement through the floor where it meets the wall, otherwise known as the “basement cove”. These scalable waterproofing systems can be installed in both finished and unfinished basements. There are many other waterproofing products that can be installed in conjunction with this system, including sump pumps.

Cooling Tower Baffles

BMG manufactures cooling tower baffles by utilizing inline vacuum and pressure-forming machines. These machines control uniform thicknesses and range in size depending on which products they produce. The tools on the machines are complemented by matched-plugged pressure boxes to optimize material distribution uniformity and minimize gauge variation across the sheet. Adding positive mechanical and air pressure to the vacuum process does increase the cost of thermoforming; however, it allows for the production of much more precise and uniform products. By manufacturing at the highest level this assures that every product run is consistent and allows for very tight tolerances and optimal precision of the finished product.

See Packaging Solutions

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Benefit One

Regulates and creates uniform baffle thicknesses overall. Stability, consistency, and better ROI.

Benefit Two

BMG's specially engineered process solutions for baffles technology minimize product and material loss to a minimum.

Benefit Three

These process solutions create an opportunity to employ the use of sustainable materials.

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