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GN Upstacker

OneBMG GN Upstacker

GN Up Stacking Unit

Rack em, stack em, and get them ready to ship out the door. When you're looking for the perfect palette, BMG has the “Upstacker” that will help you fill the bill. If you are looking for that ideal stack every time, no matter what the size of the product or the package you need to fill, this engineering marvel is precisely what you need in your end-of-line process. The GN Up Stacking unit is ideally suited to stack and count square or rectangular parts and deliver them to your receiving platform. These units are engineered so that they can be easily adjusted to fit any customer's requirements with little downtime. BMG stacking units can easily be attached to any end-of-line thermoformer process to create a completely automated and efficient high-speed thermoforming production system designed to improve the performance as well as the overall ROI of any well-engineered manufacturing line. The inclusion of this style stacker will improve production times and help to alleviate any operator error or injuries in the end of line process.

BMG stacking units accurately count, stack, and deliver the formed parts onto any in-line receiving station. All of these unique features are designed and engineered with our customer's end use in mind. We don’t just assemble off-the-shelf prefab technology to keep the inventory moving; we engineer and create custom solutions that fit the clients' requests to a “T.”

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Reduction in packing labor

Reduced Downtime with minimal set-up time during changeovers

Repeatable & Accurate Part Counts for square or rectangle shaped products

Consistent cycle time

Stacker design ensures consistent part separation from web

Easily adapts to most GN Contact Heat Thermoformers

Machinery Features:

User friendly operation

Easy to Use HMI

Simple, inexpensive tool specific change parts for product changeovers

Optional Paired Equipment:

Plug station part delay

GN Upstacker Specifications
Stacking Rate Maximum 25 cycles/minute
Power Supply 110V, 50/60 Hz Maximum 5.0 amperes
Air Pressure Requirements 6.8 Bar (100 PSI)
GN3021 Upstacking Unit Dimensions 2285mm x 1850mm x 1778mm
(90" x 73" x 70")
GN3625 Stacking Unit Dimensions 2390mm x 2100mm x 3150mm
(94" x 83" x 124")
GN4532 Stacking Unit Dimensions 2580mm x 2375mm x 3250mm
(102" x 93" x 128")