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GN RSX Robotic Stacker for Contact Heat Machines

Contact Heat Robotic Stacking Unit: Complete product handling system designed to improve the performance of the Contact Heat Thermoformer

Count, stack and deliver

Achieve consistent counts and perfect part stacking every time, regardless of product size or packaging requirements in your Contact Heat Thermoforming process. The GN RSX Robotic Stacker can reduce manual packer labor at the end of the machine by up to 50%. A fully configurable stacking assembly uses vacuum cups that attach themselves to the product prior to stripping from the web and place the parts in predetermined quantities in stacks to be delivered to the packing table.

Reduced downtime with minimal set-up time during changeovers

BMG stacking units can be seamlessly integrated with any Contact Heat Thermoformer to create a completely automated and efficient, high-speed thermoforming production system. This enhancement is designed to boost performance and increase the overall ROI of any Contact Heat thermoforming manufacturing line. Incorporating this type of stacker will enhance production output, ensure denesting features accommodate automatic filling lines and help reduce operator errors at the end of the line process. BMG Contact Heat Stacking units precisely count, stack, and transport the formed parts to the receiving station.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Simple, inexpensive tool change parts: both tool specific and adjustable

Ensures consistent part separation from the web

Reduces manual packer labor by 50%

Machine Video

Machinery Features:

Works with all sizes of GN Contact Heat Thermoformers

Rotating head to stack any possible configuration including 180º A/B, 90º A/B and 90º hop stacking

User-friendly Interface

Optional Paired Equipment:

Vacumn Tray Kit

GN RSX Specifications
Stacking Rate Maximum 25 cycles/minute | Maximum 1500 cycles/hour
Power Supply 480 or 480V, 50-60Hz, 5A

Contact Heat Machine & RSX Stacker Dimensions

Stacker Width "A" 1780mm (70") 1954mm (77") 2212mm (88")
Overall Height "B" 2880mm (114") 2880 (114") 2716 (107")
Conveyor Height "C" 810mm (32") 810mm (32") 732mm (29")
Frame Length "D" 4200mm (166") 4765mm (188") 5100mm (201")
Stacker Length "E" 6030mm (238") 6830mm (269") 6435mm (254")
Combined Length 7065mm (278") 7975mm (314") 8500mm (335")
Weight 1300kg (2866 lbs) 1405kg (3098 lbs) 1600kg (3528 lbs)