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Baked Goods

Bakery Solutions

We don’t bake the goodies; we just keep them safe. We help you create packaging that keeps everything inside, including the great smells.

Baked Goods Trays

We deliver the most optimal bakery packaging, product solutions, and end-to-end automation to help you achieve your desired results while improving consistency, speed, and profitability—anything that requires rigid packaging to guarantee freshness and damage-free transport, from cakes to cookies to muffins and all goodies in between; we can help you showcase your client's retail products and so much more.

Doughnut Muffin & Cupcake Trays

Keeping these circles of tasty goodness in individual cells is the crucial task at hand here. We don't want the chocolate frosted mingling with the Boston creams or, for that matter, the jelly-filled; that’s never good. All of life's incidental round caky perfections are protected with a certain amount of rigidity to keep everything on the up & up and safe from its neighbors!

Cake Containers

Created for special occasions, these sometimes towering structures of frosted yumminess require extra protection so they make it to the special event damage-free, smelling great, and tasting even better. Whether it's square, round, or angel food, it’s a piece of cake, and we can fit them all! Anniversaries, birthdays, or just because you love chocolate, BMG assists clients by creating the best solutions possible.

Cookie Containers

Those quick-on-the-go circles of sweet flavors are always a prime application for a hinged top and bottom solution so that consumers with a sweet tooth can not only protect their hand-held snacks, but it makes it even easier to grab a few on the go and easily close the container as they head out the door.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging provides great support and perfect protection for the consumer bakery products in retail displays while still providing the product great visual exposure.

Uniquely Engineered

BMG’s uniquely engineered bakery goods retail display trays are thermoformed using a post-trim process with a separate thermoformer and trim press.

Packaged Securely

All individual round or square bakery goods can be held securely in their rigid packaging by providing cells that segregate each individual product.

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