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Take Out Containers

Food On The Go.

Whether you’re producing containers for customers at retail or helping diners get their leftovers home safely, BMG has the answers to solve for both.

Two Piece & Hinged Trays

It all boils down to hot, cold, or indifferent. Either way, the consumables need to be protected, insulated, and, in some cases, be able to segregate items on the go. There are also inventory considerations for restaurants and retail storage. Whatever the exact need, BMG either already has a solution in mind or it will custom-create whatever is needed.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging provides excellent support and perfect protection for the consumer bakery products in retail displays while still providing the product great visual exposure.

Uniquely Engineered

BMG’s uniquely engineered retail display trays are thermoformed using a post-trim process with a separate thermoformer and trim press.

Packaged Securely

All individual round or square goods can be held securely in their rigid packaging by providing cells that segregate each individual product.

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