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Horizontal Packaging

Horizontal Origami

Whether you’re producing containers for customers at retail or helping diners get their leftovers home safely, BMG has the answers to solve for both in a horizontal format.

Up and Down or Sideways, Your Call

It all boils down to your allocation of space and the best way to engineer your entire process solution into the square footage available. Some companies have a lot of floor space, and others have an abundance of vertical ceiling space. Whatever the situation, whatever the exact need, BMG either already has a solution in mind, or it will custom-create whatever is needed.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Easy Operator Access

Horizontal packaging solutions allow easy operator access to high-volume inspection and QC  areas.

Uniquely Engineered

BMG’s uniquely engineered horizontal packaging solutions are ideal for long linear applications.

Extremely Efficient

BMG’s Horizontal solutions are extremely efficient. They are also easier to set up, operate and maintain. This saves time, money, and training costs.