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Advanced Interface Options & Digital Solutions

User Interface to Increase ROI

BMG has taken the time to create an intuitive User Interface (UI) that truly makes it easier to execute daily functions relative to all technology in your process.

Advanced Digital Readiness with Real Time Data

BMG's Advanced Digital Readiness™ (ADR) allows you to Interface in real-time with your equipment via a customer web portal or smartphone app and use the data at your fingertips to drive results. Measure efficiency, track downtime, set up custom alerts, and receive expert remote service. We’re not saying you should work from the beach, but you could if you had to. See how your BMG asset is producing and affecting your bottom line in real-time at any time and from anywhere.

We offer the most wide-ranging interface network in the world. Not only can you interact more efficiently with your technology, but we can also log in to assist in diagnosing any issues you might be having from anywhere in the world. This access allows you to rely on our global service model of experienced technicians 24/7/365 to help you achieve optimal run times by getting you up and running as soon as possible.

Join our team.

It takes exceptional people to run an extraordinary company. We are constantly on the lookout for those unique individuals who are looking for it all when it comes to employment opportunities with a great life balance. We feel that BMG provides just that.

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