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OneBMG GN3625

GN 3625DX Contact Heat Thermoformer

For everybody that wants to hop on the reduced energy consumption train this BMG product line is in your wheelhouse. The GN 3625DX Thermoformer was expertly engineered and developed to meet today's complex demands for multiple applications of thermoformed APET product needs. This particular design solution was developed to provide a far greater APET cutting capacity than the other standard Contact-Heat Cut-In-Place industry thermoformers and exceeds industry standards when it comes to creating multifunctional solutions for thermoformed plastic containers. Increasingly, more and more uses are being specified for food containers, blister packs, automobile components, home electric appliances, and industrial trays. When consumer marketing models require that they be able to view the products they are buying, this clear poly-based solution is mandatory for safety, crush strength, and the ability to manufacture multiple encasements for use in retail environments.

The GN DX series thermoformers have quickly become the industry choice of customers throughout the world who require a larger forming area and cutting capacity to provide maximum part production. All DX machines incorporate servo movements to provide maximum cycle speed and efficiency.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Lowest energy usage in the industry

Lowest scrap waste in the industry

Ability to use very thin guage plastic material

Plug & Play - Installed in one day

Precision forming & cutting in one station

Inexpensive tooling

Fast Tool Change System for reduced downtime

Compact footprint

Supported by BMG's Industry Leading Service

In-mould cutting ensuring consistent and accurate trim

Machinery Features:

Servo driven platen for smooth and energy efficient movement

Six point toggle systems with oversized roller bearings

Operator friendly HMI with integrated diagnostics and remote connection

High speed forming system

Multi-zone contact heating system

Tonnage Monitoring

Electric preheater

Automatic Drive Sheet Transport

Optional photo scanning capabilities for pre-printed materials

Optional oversized heater platen for 3625DX

Optional Paired Equipment:

GN3625DX Specifications
Forming Area 915mm x 635mm
(36" x 25") maximum
Depth of Draw 125mm
(5") maximum
Material Thickness Range 0.15mm - 1.00mm
Power Supply 3x400V+N+PE, 50-60Hz (380-415V) / 3x480V+PE, 50-60Hz (440-480V) / 3x220V+PE, 50-60Hz (220-240V)
Cooling Water Consumption 14 Litres/min @ 15C - 20C
(3 gal/min @ 58F - 68F)
Machine Dimensions
(l x w x h)
3200mm x 2100mm x 2210mm
(126" x 83" x 87")
Knife Length 10500mm (413") for APET / 11430mm (450") for other thermoformable materials
Sheet Width 965mm
(38") maximum
Material Roll Diameter 711mm
(28") maximum
Cycles per Minute 22 maximum
Power Consumption 12 Kilowatts/hr (Approximate)
Air Pressure 6.8 bar (100 PSI) minimum
Air Consumption 2000 Litres/min (80 CFM) (Approximate)
Machine Weight 5987 kg
(13,200 lbs)