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Retail Packaging

Retail Food Packaging

Whether it's wrapped or vacuum packed, all proteins stay fresher longer than openly displayed in a cooler case at retail. That is why most meat, fish & protein producers place their products on a foam or rigid plastic tray. BMG has developed the technology specifically for these materials, so you can rest assured that it will fill the bill for all your customer's fresh protein food needs.

Custom Retail Packaging To Attract Customers

Whether it's room temperature, chilled, or frozen, they all need a little protection. You’ve seen them on the shelves and in the cooler cases: taco kits, cookies, baby food, Lunchables, protein snacks, mac & cheese, and yogurt, you name it, and BMG has a packaging solution for it. Those solutions can come in many different size options and configurations to fit your customer's requirements. BMG's finely engineered tooling, equipment, and automation make it all happen.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Benefit One

Rigid packaging provides excellent support and perfect protection for the consumer bakery products in retail displays while still providing the product great visual exposure.

Benefit Two

BMG’s uniquely engineered retail display trays are thermoformed using a post-trim process with a separate thermoformer and trim press.

Benefit Three

All individual round or square goods can be held securely in their rigid packaging by providing cells that segregate each individual product.

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