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Forming Paper Products

Thermoforming Paper Products

No matter what shapes or sizes you are looking to thermoform out of paper, BMG has the custom-engineered solution that will solve for your process requirements.

Paper Forming Solutions

BMG paper forming solutions are uniquely proficient in creating paper products at high speeds and efficiently, and there are other benefits as well. These machines have automatic splice detection, automatic continuous decurling, servo-controlled score depth adjustment, allows for material scoring without cutting blanks, cut & form in place capabilities, automated product extraction, stacking, counting, and conveyance. Their unique features are a 56” wide two-roll stand, automatic scrap handling, quick and easy tool change, and BMG next-gen controls. All that and so much more. If required, collaborations can be set up with partners in order to deliver complete turn-key projects, including packaging machines and palletizing systems.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Greater Output

BMG paper forming solutions perform with 3.5X the output of the nearest competitor.

Uniquely Engineered

BMG’s uniquely engineered paper former boasts a 95% product yield with less than 5% scrap.

Improved Rigidity

BMG’s paper-forming solutions produce a higher quality end product that has an incredibly improved rigidity.