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Industrial Automation

Automated Material Handling & Packaging

BMG’s automation systems are the leading food service packaging automation solution for full-line material handling and packaging. We design, engineer, and manufacture paper and plastic cups, containers, lids, plates, and trays. Our integrated robotic platforms bring innovative solutions to material handling challenges through application or design-specific end-of-arm tools, ‘smart’ change-out tooling, and expert robot simulation.

Case Packer

Case Packer, Robotic Case Packer. Palletizer

Robotic Material Handling

Robotic Material Handler, C-Rush Die Cutter Handler, Robotic End-of-arm Tooling

Trim Press Handling

Trim Press Handler, Robotic Trim Press Handler

Counting, Wrapping & Stacking

Vertical Counter, Horizontal Counter, Vertical Wrapper, Horizontal, Wrapper, E-Commerce Wrapper

Plate Stacker

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