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OneBMG GN760

Plug-Assist Thermoformer

The GN760 is one of BMG’s most diverse custom-forming platform solutions available in our entourage. It is a servo-controlled, high-speed technology-based solution with an integrated steel rule-cutting press and robotic stacking station that is suitable for the most cost-effective production of food packaging and utilizes all thermoformable materials. If you are looking for the industry's most customizable precision-configured multiple food tray solutions that will fill your client's ever-changing needs then you are in the right place. When combined with BMG’s common edge tooling, the GN760 is ideally suited for producing any and all meat, deli, and food trays with the highest quality and with the lowest scrap rates in the industry. This machine incorporates BMG's most advanced thermoforming technologies, which are achieved through continuous research and development with our extensive internal R&D, design, and engineering environments. Time is money, and BMG realizes the need for speed, diversity of usage, and ease of functionality.

The GN760 can be combined with scrap grinders, padding systems and end-of-line automation systems to complete your production line. Capable of forming CPET, PET, PP, HIPS, OPS, PVC, and more blends, including CPLA, PLA, as well as other biodegradable materials. All of these unique features are designed and engineered with our customer's end use in mind. We don’t just assemble off-the-shelf prefab technology to keep the inventory moving, we engineer and create custom solutions that fit the clients ask to a “T.”

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Multi-Purpose Thermoformer for Food, Medical, Consumer Goods and other packaging applications

Precision Forming and Cutting of Products

Cost Effective, High Speed Production Output

Capable of using all plastic material including biodegradeable materials

Easy-to-Use Fast Tool Change System

Accepts GN3021DX tooling

Various stacking configurations for increased flexibility including A/B and A/B/C

Servo driven chain rails with matched pin chain

Lowest plastic web scrap rate*

*When combined with GN common edge tooling

Robust Built Design for Reduced Downtime

Supported by BMG's Industry Leading Service

Machinery Features:

Forming 125 mm (4.9") below sheet line and 15mm (0.59") above sheet line

Operator- Friendly HMI with Integrated Diagnostics and Remote Connectivity

Single Roll Holder and Motorized Material Unwind System

Multi-Zone Oven with Infrared High Efficiency Heaters

High Tonnage Forming and Cutting Station

Standard In Mould cut Capability Capability

Third Motion Top servo plug

Various stacking systems and configurations including robotic and upstacking

Tonnage monitoring

Servo driven chain rails with matched pin chain

CE,CSA,UL compliant

Optional equipment:

Material Pre-Heater system option for certain materials

Mould temperature control unit



Tooling lift cart

Padding systems

Labeling system

BMG end of line automation

GN760 Specifications
Maximum Forming Area 762mm x 534mm
(30" x 21")
Depth of Draw 125mm (4.92") below and 15mm (0.59") above sheet line
Clamping Force (Form and Cut Station) 100 Metric Tonnes
(110.23 US Tons)
(single station)
Cutting Force (Form and Cut Station) 100 Metric Tonnes
(110.23 US Tons)
(in-mould cut only)
Sheet Width 815mm
(32") maximum
Material Thickness Range 0.25mm - 1.50mm
Material Roll Diameter 1.0m
Main Supply Voltage 3 Phase + N + PE, 50-60 HZ (380V-480V)
Running Power Consumption 28 Kva (Approximate)
Air Pressure (min/max) 6.2 bar (90 PSI) / 9.6 bar (140 PSI)
(Minimum / Maximum)
Cooling Water Consumption 67 - 200 litres/min
(17 - 53 gallons/min)
Machine Dimensions**
(l x w x h)
10400mm x 3650mm x 2930mm
(410" x 144 " x 116 ")
Cycle Rates (max cpm) 30

*When combined with GN common edge tooling
**Depending on machine configuration and layout