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Dunnage Packaging

Automating Dunnage Packaging Processes

In industrial manufacturing, one has to look into automated processes that will move heavy materials from point A to point B.

What is Dunnage Packaging?

BMG creates custom-formed trays and totes for separating and covering heavy industrial loads during transport between work and executional zones within the industrial manufacturing process. This industrial-strength coverage keeps materials in place and alleviates spillage in transport. These items can be bags, pillows, racks, stands, and covers, all with the purpose of assisting with safe packaging and transport. BMG creates dunnage materials used in the safe transit and safeguarding of components within a supply chain. Our custom-made internal packing materials prevent parts from getting damaged during shipment, assembly, and storage. We ensure our solutions are designed with resilience at the forefront. We leverage a diverse range of processes and materials to deliver the optimal level of protection for your specific client's needs. We create inventive packing designs for a broad spectrum of containers and systems, encompassing bulk containers, handheld containers, and metal racks.

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Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Stability, safety, and better ROI

By minimizing the requirement for extra strapping and stabilizing bars, our solution simplifies inventory management. It promotes stability, enhances safety, and leads to a better return on investment (ROI).

Uniquely Engineered

BMG’s uniquely engineered safety assistance technology keeps products, materials, and workers safe.

Perfect Shipping System

These custom load securement solutions create a perfect shipping system for palletizing large products that are sent to retail and further manufacturing facilities.

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