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Your Future

It takes exceptional people to run an extraordinary company. We are constantly on the lookout for those unique individuals who are looking for it all when it comes to employment opportunities with a great work-life balance. We feel that BMG provides just that.

It’s important to believe in what you do. Choose wisely.

We are grounded in the belief that one should work to live, not live to work. It’s important to enjoy what you do and live a full life. At BMG, we are a collection of individuals that have chosen to thrive in the thermoforming packaging world.

We’re here as a collective group, all focused on one goal, to produce the best possible sustainable solutions for our customers, period. We’re not looking to hire islands of information, we want to bring in heavy hitters, people who don’t mind swinging for the fences every once in a while as part of a fully positioned team of players driving toward one goal, OneBMG!

Join Our Team. Our values are part of everything we build — including careers.

Engineering Positions

We're talking about teams of people who live and breathe data, measurements, microns, and tensile strength. Those are just a few things that are anchored in their wheelhouse. These are the people, the individuals, and the groups, that govern the finite details of what we produce. Without them, we are just imagining the possibilities of what might have been.

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Manufacturing Positions

It takes an incredibly coordinated group of highly trained individuals to orchestrate the assembly of our technology. This cast of characters comes from the far corners of the world, and our own backyards, to work in perfect harmony, assembling these thermoforming structures to exacting standards so that our clients may benefit from a finished product built to within microns of tolerances that truly perform beyond their expectations.

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Sales Positions

It takes the same level of understanding of our technology as it does to sell a Lamborghini, but it is actually more involved and sometimes more expensive. You need to know the technology inside and out like the engineers, be able to think on your feet like the designers, call an audible when necessary, and provide solutions that will answer the questions posed by interested parties.

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Design Positions

These are our collection of out-of-the-box thinkers that mastermind the creation of structures and elements that will exceed customers' expectations. Individuals that can lie on the ground and look at a tree all the while imagining the usage of such an elemental structure to solve for “X.” They are unique to the industry and very intrinsic to all of our exploratory applications.

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Automation Positions

The fine art of manipulating materials or moving items from point A to point B without the aid of human entanglement. Sounds easy, but it never is. Power sources, solenoids, and servos all work seamlessly to automate a particular process. Automation speaks to the many facets of what we produce for our clients. Take a raw material and turn it into what we need and just automate that entire process to run faster, cost less to operate, and fit into the area a customer needs it to fit in.

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Customer Service Positions

Available, yes, always available to be a guiding light. They are on the other end of a call or an email 24/7/365. They are a friendly bunch, courteous and well-informed, a really great group of problem solvers who are at your beck and call from anywhere on the planet. If they don’t have the answer, they will get it for you.

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Global Presence Our Locations

BMG is the leading global B2B engineering and manufacturer of custom thermoforming packaging systems, period. Through recent acquisitions, BMG has positioned itself as one of the only custom end-to-end thermoforming solutions corporations in the world.

24/7/365 customer service support in over 85 countries worldwide. We pride ourselves in the ability to react to situations anywhere in the world to make sure you have what you need, when you need it, and where you need it in order to succeed in your mission to produce the best-thermoformed sustainable packaging possible.

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If you're already an employee and want to apply for a new position, you can log in to our internal job portal using your employee credentials. Browse the available job listings and submit your application through the portal.

To apply for a position at BMG, you can visit our careers page on our website. Browse through the available job opportunities, select the position you're interested in, and follow the instructions to submit your application online.

After you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email from our recruitment team acknowledging the receipt of your application. Please allow a few business days for this email to arrive.

Join our team.

It takes exceptional people to run an extraordinary company. We are constantly on the lookout for those unique individuals who are looking for it all when it comes to employment opportunities with a great work-life balance. We feel that BMG provides just that — the freedom to be you.

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