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Biscuits, Cookies, & Confectionary

Biscuits, Cookies, & Confectionary Solutions

Delectable delicate food items like fluffy biscuits, scrumptious cookies, and luscious pieces of candy often need protection from damage in transport. Using a custom inner tray within outer packaging reduces this damage and keeps the cargo in great shape.

Cookie Trays

Cookies are a clever bunch of tasty goodness, and because they like to travel in packs, we want to provide them the a place where they can rest in a closed container on display for all to see and eventually safe transport on the way home to the family. This option provides rigid packaging to guarantee freshness and damage-free transport.

Biscuit Trays

Keeping these luscious layers of billowing goodness in individual cells is the crucial task at hand here. We don't want the cargo to get smashed or toppled in transport or even while on display. All of life's incidental round caky perfections are protected with a certain amount of rigidity to keep everything on the up & up, smelling great and tasting even better.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging provides great support and perfect protection for the consumer bakery products in retail displays while still providing the product great visual exposure.

Uniquely Engineered

BMG’s uniquely engineered retail display trays are thermoformed using a post-trim process with a separate thermoformer and trim press.

Packaged Securely

All individual round or square goods can be held securely in their rigid packaging by providing cells that segregate each individual product.