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Automated Process Solutions

Everyday manufacturing with an automated twist. Provides process solutions that are automated to reduce labor and increase safety. Moving materials safely from point A to Point B.

Automating Material Handling

BMG provides the most innovative, durable, and dependable automation solutions for your heavy material handling operations. Safety is our number one priority, with reducing overhead as a close second. Our robotic technology can be utilized in any part of your process, from loading mass quantities of raw materials to racking, stacking, and palletizing your end products for shipment. BMG has it all. If you don’t see it, we will custom-build it, no process will ever get in the way of safety and timely execution.

We deliver the most optimal industrial-focused product and automation solutions to help you achieve your desired results while improving consistency, speed, and profitability—anything from plant propagation trays, plant retail products and the trays that carry them, and so much more.

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It takes exceptional people to run an extraordinary company. At BMG, we're continuously seeking out individuals who embody that unique blend of talent, drive, and a desire for a fulfilling work-life balance. We feel that BMG provides just that.

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