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Lyle FM-Series

OneBMG Lyle FM Series

Efficiency, speed & reliability in a versatile continuous thermoformer

The FM-Series offers high speed, economical and reliable performance with an infinite array of options for a variety of forming applications. Two moving platens (top and bottom) guided on precision linear bearings allow parts to be formed up or down as required, optimizing material distribution and part weight reduction. The FM-Series features powerful and precise servo platen drives and is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations including shallow or deep draw.

Machinery Features:

Versatile, Precise Controls

Standard with Informer™ series Mitsubishi control system

Heavy-Duty Design

Up to 150 tons of holding force when compressing material up to 0.030″ thick


Ability to control machine speed, combined with deep draw capabilities, make this machine one of the most versatile on the market

Machine Options:

Top or Bottom Servo Plug Drive

Quick-Change Tool Package

Servo Valve Package

Servo Head Adjust

Servo Oven Positioning

Servo Rail Adjustment

Deep Draw Capabilities

Vacuum Pulse Process

Sheet Edge Pre-Heaters

Clamshell Oven

Extruder Synchronization

UL, CE, CSA & HSE Approvals

International Voltages Available

Lyle FM-Series Specifications
  130FM 140FM 152FM 165FM
Maximum Mold Size
(Width x Length)
30" X 36"
762mm x 914mm
40" x 42"
1016mm x 1067mm
52" x 56"
1321mm x 1422mm
65" x 70"
1651mm x 1778mm
Platen Stroke -
Top / Bottom*
7" / 7"
178mm / 178mm
9" / 9"
229mm / 229mm
9" / 9"
229mm / 229mm
9" / 9"
229mm / 229mm
Maximum Forming Pressure 100 psi 100 psi 100 psi 100 psi
Sheet Width 33"
Oven Three stops or four stops top and bottom Four stops or five stops top and bottom Four stops or five stops top and bottom Four stops or five stops top and bottom
Air Consumption @ 80 psi† 1.00 scfm 1.00 scfm 1.00 scfm 1.00 scfm

*Deep draw configurations available
†Air consumption does not include tooling functions