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Innovative & Precise Tooling

Expertise in Thermoforming Tightest Tolerances

BMG Tooling is second to none, it’s known across the globe as the quintessential model building to precise specifications, utilizing unique state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies in operating in temperature-controlled environments. This allows BMG to produce tooling to the tightest tolerances in the industry. When creating process solutions, designing, cutting, shaping, and forming materials that will be used to produce parts and components are an essential and critical part of the manufacturing process, providing a wide range of industries with an even broader section of possibilities for creation. With two full-scale tooling plants, BMG has the bandwidth to expedite orders and/or emergency repairs, so you can expect faster delivery, lower costs, and high performance.

Drilling, Cutting, Shaping, and Forming.

To put it simply, tooling is the backbone of the physical production process of any manufactured product. Much like how you couldn’t make muffins without a muffin tin, many consumer products need their own version of a “muffin tin” in order to be mass-produced. For many, this is the exacting side of the production process, and without it, quality products simply do not exist.  

The term “tooling” refers to any number of hardened steel or titanium implements required to produce a product mold. Certain equipment performs specific functions to produce the peaks, valleys, and rounded or squared corners of product forms, depending upon the products you manufacture or intend to manufacture. BMG has improved, reimagined, and retooled many process solutions for better functionality, and now, we are looking into the future so we can solve for issues you haven’t even encountered yet in your thermoforming process.

Quality & Consistency

BMG uses advanced technology and automation to deliver tools within 1/1,000,000 of an inch of accuracy. This, combined with rigorous quality control and work process, ensures that when your tooling arrives, it’s ready to run.

Shorter Lead Times

With two full-scale tooling plant locations in Fremont, Ohio, USA, and Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada, working seamlessly together, BMG can offer reduced lead times and service across the globe. We have the bandwidth to handle large orders in a timely fashion, while remaining fast and flexible enough to handle any orders, rebuilds, and emergency repairs.

More Experience & Better Performance.

In the BMG family, we have in-house mechanical and process engineers, manufacturing experts, and seasoned service technicians who have designed, built, and installed forming lines running every conceivable material in virtually every industry in over 85 countries. Making tooling and making it perform well is an integral part of everything we do. Making industry-leading tooling is our benchmark through which we strive to exceed on every project. If we’re not exceeding your expectations, we’re not meeting ours.

Tooling For All Brands Of Machinery

BMG tooling businesses operate independently to provide superior tooling and excellent service with complete confidentiality assured – no matter what line of equipment you’re running.

Turnkey Solutions

As part of our end-to-end solution process, you can pair your project with any of our other process offerings. For example, we can provide the thermoforming equipment and downstream automation for a turnkey solution. During startup, we will provide service and process technicians to set up the equipment and start-up and train your operators to optimize your production.

Tooling for an array of Markets, Materials & Machines.

Whether it's Aerospace or Automotive, Medical or Consumer, Paper or Plastic, Form Fill and seal, or contact heat, BMG has the experience and master engineers to create the tooling necessary to get the job done, your job, to perfection.

Join our team.

It takes exceptional people to run an extraordinary company. We are constantly on the lookout for those unique individuals who are looking for it all when it comes to employment opportunities with a great life balance. We feel that BMG provides just that.

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