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Thermoforming Tooling

Thin Gauge Thermoforming & Tooling

At BMG, we utilize the most contemporary machining methods, technologies, and automation available to design, build, and deliver incredibly complex, high-quality tooling packages within better lead times while maintaining the tightest tolerances in the industry.

If your manufacturing process demands thin-gauge, high-volume thermoform tooling, your search is over, BMG can deliver and exceed your expectations and get you into production quickly and confidently.

Our Engineering & Design Process

Our comprehensive design review and approval process, coupled with our ERP scheduling system, ensures an excellent handshake relationship on the development side and a successful tracking of costs and on-time delivery of assets throughout the experience while working in collaboration with your team from project kick-off to completion. At the onset, experienced project managers start the conversation by providing valuable suggestions and insight about the design of your product and its critical implications on tooling. Then BMG’s highly experienced engineers and toolmakers begin their process and utilize their unique capabilities and level of productivity to create what you need to solve for your usages.

Form and Trim In-Place

Choices are choices, but rest assured that BMG is well-schooled in both match metal and steel rule trim — Matched Metal is the industry-established best die-cutting process for when extremely tight tolerances are required. In the process of critical matched metal die cutting, materials pass through a top and bottom die, which are matched (male/female), providing a very precise finite cut. Though slightly more expensive than traditional steel rule die cutting, they both have their place in particular process solutions for trimming and are able to produce parts at final tolerances of ±.001" to .005".

Advanced Tooling Facility

Our temperature-controlled facility with precision in-house machining capabilities, including jig grinding, jig boring, wire EDM, ID/OD grinding, and CMM inspection, allows us to guarantee the precise alignment and interchangeability of all punch and die components for the life of your tooling.

Mold-Making Expertise

BMG provides a full-service solution in their process. We design, manufacture, and refurbish custom tooling for all major machine types, platforms, and materials, including PP, PET, PS, OPS, PE, EPS, and CPET, as well as those that are mineral-filled and plant-based. We have for years taken much personal pride in our pursuit of offering and supporting certified sustainable material options to our customers in an effort to lower our universal carbon footprint and leave the planet in better shape than we found it. It’s important to understand these usages and when they are applicable and affordable in a customer's manufacturing process.

Trim Tools & Options

BMG designs and manufactures precision single, multirow, and progressive trim tools with an option for pre-punch or scoring capability to meet any product requirement you may have.

Extensive Hands-On R&D Knowledge

We guarantee that through our extensive research and development, we can recommend the appropriate materials, coatings, and heat-treating for your difficult trim applications. We only use certified materials from leading manufacturers to ensure the best quality and reliability every time.