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Contact Heat Tooling

Warmed Up And Ready To Form.

BMG's Precision Contact-Heat tooling is ideal for producing a variety of thin-gauge plastic containers. Our tooling is custom-designed and built to specifically suit your requirements. Backed by 40 years of thermoforming and product design experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist in executing all our customers’ tooling projects. BMG, with it’s state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility, operates 24 hours a day, utilizing the latest machining technology and methods. We specialize in engineering and manufacturing tooling systems that maximize throughput and reduce downtime, effectively increasing your profit margins. When you need thin-gauge, high-volume thermoform tooling, count on Freeman to get you into production fast.

Precision Tooling For Contact Heat Thermoformers

BMG is the global leader in custom tooling design and mold-making, giving our customers a proven advantage in the international marketplace. Our intellectual property, expertise, and access to the latest technology guarantee our ability to design and produce top-quality products at maximum conversion rates.

Innovative Tooling & Design Solutions

As a pioneer and category leader of common edge tooling design for contact heat thermoformers, BMG knows how important it is to satisfy customers and maintain a proper ROI that this cost-effective solution be utilized on our newest plug assist machines. We absolutely love to get in the trenches with our customers so that we can share the sweat involved in developing innovative designs that increase efficiency and reduce overall waste.

Mold Making Masters

In business, timing is everything, well, next to quality anyway. That’s why BMG has created a uniquely flat and streamlined approach to custom mold-making that is the most efficient and of the highest quality by having a dedicated team take your ideas through the concept, prototyping, and production-testing phases in the shortest possible time.

BMG’s Full-Service Approach

Our tooling design specialists will start the mold-making process by transforming your sketches or ideas into a part drawing or prototype sample for your approval. With every comprehensive proposal, we provide a tool layout, production data, cycle times, and recommended material options. The tooling process ends with rigorous testing to confirm accuracy and reliability. We’ll also help prepare you for production at your own facility by providing detailed set-up instructions and technical support. Beyond the initial installed solution, we also offer 24/7/365 service tech