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Immediately Increase Your Bottom Line With ADR

With BMG's Advanced Digital Readiness™ (ADR™) you can Interface real-time with your equipment via BMG’s customer web portal or smartphone app and use the data at your fingertips to drive results.

Measure Efficiency

See how your asset is producing and affecting your bottom line in real-time at anytime and from anywhere. Whether you are in front of your PC or just want to check-in quick from your phone, BMG's Advanced Digital Readiness™ has you covered.

Track Downtime

No more ambiguity or shuffling of paper logs; jump into your customer portal and run a Pareto report to quickly analyze any time range you need.

Set Up Custom Alerts

Know when there is a problem immediately and avoid the trouble of an unscheduled downtime event – get notified when your parameters are out of range. Create as many custom alerts as you would like based on your machine’s actual process data.

Expect Superior Security, & Expert Remote Service

Enjoy peace of mind knowing BMG's ADR has best-in-class security, automatic updates and BMG’s expert support staff will be there to assist you when you need it the most.

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