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NAS® Counter
Vertical Paper Cup Counter

Fast & Accurate Counts

With its simple and effective design, the NAS vertical counters are the preferred method for counting and separating stacks of paper cups. These systems are modular, accommodating from one to four towers with proven high speed capabilities. Counted stacks can be diverted and manually re-introduced into the system to reduce downtime. The cup counter features an integrated infeed to precisely load your wrapper. The NAS vertical counters come standard with an air cushion design to help prevent brim damage during stacking and counting. As with all NAS equipment, our vertical counters are designed to run with the greatest efficiency and built to provide you years of service.


Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Ease of operation, narrow footprint and highly-accurate

Capability to be placed in limited spaces while providing high-volume output

Reduces downtime

Designed to run with the

Greatest efficiency

Machinery Features:

Fully welded powder-coated steel frame

Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC controls with high-resolution touch screen interface

High-visibility Lexan guarding

Simple and effective operation with controls mounted on both sides

Narrow footprint with several modular configurations available

Built-in reject and product re-introduction capability

High counting speeds

Machine Options:

Cup stack orientation reversing

Vertical accumulation