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NAS® Vertical Wrapper

Increased Efficiency and Reliability With Our Versatile Vertical Wrapper

The NAS model HTS vertical wrapper is an automated wrapping system which utilizes center folded roll stock to sleeve product into a bag, reducing manual labor and eliminating the need for pre-made bags. The model HTS vertical wrapper is available in various seal assembly configurations to make bags from 3″ x 3″ up to 66″ x 24″ with an adjustable seal assembly opening of 6″ to 24″. Models are available for both pneumatic and servo-driven operations as well as a dual-jaw configuration.


The HTS series of vertical wrappers offer modern innovation, reliability and versatility. All NAS wrappers are capable of sealing polyethylene, polyolefin, bubble and poly mailing utilizing our patented low temperature sealing system without the need of change parts. NAS provides custom-designed in-feeds and discharge options to meet individual requirements. From a simple hand loaded wrapper to complete automation including counting, collating, orienting and case erecting/loading – NAS has a solution for you.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Allow material to expand naturally prior to entering the pin chain, eliminating distortion within the sheet

Designed to utilize minimal floor space

Promotes even heating from both sides

Complete stand-alone solution

Machinery Features:

Fully welded powder

Coated steel frame

NAS patented low-temperature sealing system

This low-energy sealing system is designed to run at a lower temperature to help prevent film buildup during the sealing process. This system requires less maintenance than higher temperature sealing systems

PLC Controls with high-resolution touch-screen Interface

Trimmed or trimless seal assemblies

Seal Lengths

Horizontal seal lengths from § 20″ to 66″, vertical seal lengths
From 14″ to 28″, jaw assembly openings from 6” to 24″


Driven film feed with high-capacity, self-contained scrap wind system available


Capacity powered film unwind cradle

Machine Options:

Custom-designed automated infeeds for counting, collating, and orienting

Custom-designed discharge systems

Venturi scrap starter system

Adjustable seal assembly openings

Dual-jaw wrapper

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