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NAS® Mantis™
Robotic Trim Press Handler

Revolutionary Robotic Trim Press Handler

The Mantis™ robotic trim press handling system is the next generation in thermoformed product handling. Compatible with all trim presses but specifically designed for both non-servo- and long-eject models. This compact and configurable system fits within your facility and interfaces with any trim press make or model. Product containment throughout the process dramatically reduces jams and product loss.

Highlights include: compact trim press receiver (TPR) – patent pending, VeriTool™ RFID tool verification – patent pending, no product contamination, simple intuitive controls, product isolation and reject through HMI, plus quick and easy changeover.

Reduced downtime. Faster changeover. Mantis – Run With Confidence.


Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Allow material to expand naturally prior to entering the pin chain, eliminating distortion within the sheet

Designed to utilize minimal floor space

Promotes even heating from both sides

Complete stand-alone solution

Machine Video

Machinery Features:

Compact Trim Press Receiver (TPR)

Accepts continuous product flow from non-servo-eject trim presses

Accurate, automated counting & separation

No special tool dies required

Patent pending

Complete Product Containment

Front & back containment throughout process

Eliminates jams from fall back or forward

Virtually no scrap product while handling

Roll-away Functionality

Automated at a push of a button

Quick & easy access to setup

Repeatable & Accurate Robotics

Consistent cycle time

Consistent product placement


Easy to use and configure

Comprehensive training

24/7 remote technical support

VeriTool™ RFID Tool Verification

Quick & easy changeover for multiple SKUs

4x faster changeover

Avoid machine damage

Part Rejection Station

Cell isolation & part rejection from HMI

Virtually no scrap product

Minimal downtime from bad parts

Machine Options:

Downstream Automation

  • Wrapping
  • Case packing
  • Palletizing

Advanced Digital Readiness (ADR) IIoT Remote Connectivity & Monitoring