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Industrial Collaborative Palletizer System
Collaborative Palletizer

The NAS collaborative robot palletizing solution goes beyond the standard palletizer capability. This industrial-strength robot has a 30% further vertical reach than our competitors. This extra reach will allow an additional layer to your standard palletizing arrangement. This can add up to 25% more product to your shipments.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Rapid Start-Up

One day installation, intuitive programming provides quick & easy learning curve.

Narrow Footprint

Fits where traditional palletizers won’t. Reduced or no physical guarding required. Footprint require as little as 14 sq. feet.

Industrial Strength

50Ibs working payload, up to 108” vertical reach. Suitable for harsh environments (dust, water, etc.)


Simplified software, pattern-programmable on HMI. Flexible design, easy to reposition


Direct Tech, Plug and Play Collaborative Palletizing Robot.

Machinery Features:

Very Small Footprint

108” Palletizing Height

48” X 48” Pallet Capacity

Fifty Pound Case Capacity

User Programmable on Color Touchscreen

Fast Install and Re-Taskable

No Physical Guarding Required