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The Revolutionary Pizza Box

Place your order today! You’ve spent a lifetime perfecting the perfect pizza. Let’s pack it in the perfect pizza box.

BMG Pizza Boxes

Safety, strength, versatility, efficiency, and sustainability are all rolled into one revolutionary new pizza box from BMG.

Finally, round pegs in round holes.

You stick to making the perfect pizza because we’ve created the perfect package to carry it to your consumer. In the current industry pizza box, they arrive at their destination smushed and slid to one side of the box in a greasy, molten mess. The all-new BMG Pizza Box is round and engineered to fit to perfection, just like your pizzas. Your pizza is the hero, and the BMG Pizza box is a finely crafted container that delivers your “Sinatra” in hot, crispy, non-greasy condition to your customers.

We want to help you get your hands on the best sustainable pizza carrier in the world, the all-new fiber-based pizza packaging solution from BMG.

Not only is it convenient for the consumer, but it is also easier for you. There is no top or bottom to worry about or the never-ending task of folding and storing boxes in confined kitchen areas where space is at a premium. These BMG pizza boxes are stored in a quarter of the space because they nest into one another. Because of their unique construction, they have more tensile strength than their corrugated counterparts and because of their interlocking stack feature, they travel safely preventing sliding around.

It's the best of both worlds and priced to compete! This revolutionary pizza box solution wins in the most important categories: form, fit, function, and price. Be an early adopter and win the Pizza Packaging battle before your customers even complain about soggy, cold, misshapen pizzas. If you’re looking for a more functional pizza carrier solution that will have a positive impact on your ROI and your brand, look no further than BMG.