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Trouble Shooting: Transport Rollers on GN Thermoforming Equipment

Worn or damaged transport rollers can cause an inconsistent transport stroke, which can cause:

Stacking Issues – Issues stacking with robotic stacker. Inconsistent part position at pickup point will cause problems with a robotic stacking unit grasping the product.

Crushed Product – Issues with parts being crushed in the press randomly due to a “short” transport.

Wasted Material – Operators often increase the transport length to help prevent crushing parts, leading to increased scrap web and wasted material.

Web Breakage – When running OPS, inconsistent transport often causes increased web breakage. This leads to increased downtime and material use as the material constantly needs to be re-fed into the machine.

Tracking Issues – A worn roller can cause the material to track off to the side, one way or the other, which can cause mis-formed parts, web breakage, increased down time, and material use.

Worn or damaged unwind rollers can cause the material roll to unwind slower than normal, especially with a new roll in place. If the machine pulls material faster than the unwind can keep up, this will cause the transport to pull directly from the plastic on the roll stand and possibly cause damage to the unwind dancer and/ or not fully finish the current transport stroke.


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