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PLC Retrofit for GN Contact Heat Equipment

GN Thermoforming is pleased to offer a PLC Retrofit for GN Contact Heat C-Style machines built between 1995 and 2010. Choosing this upgrade will bring machines up to the latest standard operating systems being used today while its compact design fits into existing cabinets.

This retrofit replaces existing Siemens or Telemecanique (Schneider) operating systems, which are no longer supported. Prolong the service life of your machine while maintaining GN quality and support into the future.

Included in retrofit are the following upgrades:

15″ Touchscreen HMI – New 15″ color touchscreen HMI with 2100 PLC processor. These new screens and PLC are used newly built contact heat machines. This upgrade will help unify an HMI display platform across all vintage machines for ease of use and familiarity for operators.

Precision I/O – All new I/O to control timing and heating functions. The new X20 cards and power supplies will bring the outdated communication blocks up to our current standard. Machine movements and temperatures are contolled to a precise level with these components.

Site Manager – By upgrading your PLC, you also receive a site manager offered on all new equipment. This addition allows for simple setup and secure connection for GN to connect remotely. This remote connection is used for trouble shooting and allows you to keep your machine updated with the latest programs available.

Transport Motor – A new servo driven transport motor and drive for precise sheet movement. Speed, stroke and ramp up/down curve can be adjusted for precise movement. This achieves consistently shorter scrap web between shots, reducing your overall material scrap percentage.

Terminal Block – Pre-assembled terminal block upgrade enables quick interchange of existing wiring and provides ease of installation.

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