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NXTMOD10 Thermoformer


Transformative Thermoforming: Efficiency, Innovation, and AI Integration

NXT from BMG: With 70+ years of Thermoforming expertise, our commitment to excellence shines in every aspect. Boasting the largest forming area and best-in-class cycle rates, our system offers unparalleled flexibility and top-tier tonnage. The ergonomic design prioritizes safety, featuring quick-change tooling for one-person changeovers, ensuring immediate efficiency. Proven reliability with NXT’s center toggle design guarantees high-quality parts every cycle. The floor space-friendly Mod10 outshines in parts per minute, providing greater output. Our modular solution is bespoke with best-in-class innovation. The updated control design ensures an intuitive experience, ready for future AI upgrades, promising seamless integration. BMG is your constant partner, elevating output and quality effortlessly.

Benefits of Our Forming Solutions

Innovative Oven Design

Split oven design allows for decreased floor space & ease of maintenance

Modular Design Concept

Highly customizable to meet your needs

Universal Operation & Control

Engineered to provide optimal operator flexibility

Revolutionary Tool Change

Engineered for safety & speed

Increased Tonnage & Output

Largest tonnage available in the market with 150 US tons in form & trim

Robust Rail Design

Steel rail design with hardened slides

Machinery Features:

Accepts 800, 900, and larger tools from most of the major machine builders and 3rd party tooling providers

Full access vertical doors on the front and back side

Tool loading

Modular - can add additional stations over time (punch, print, padding, labeling)

Robust steel chain rail assembly

Forming area available up to - 890mm x 1016mm (35" x 40"), largest in the market

Innovative and safe tool change

NXT is configured to run virtually any material

System will be enabled with additional sensors and vision for future upgrades to AI

Machine Options:

Clamp frame top and/or bottom

Bottom servo plug in forming station

Knife heater in bottom cutting & punching station

Bottom height adjustment for cutting and punching stations

Servo driven Y(TD)/W(rotation) for cutting and punching stations

BMG NXTMOD10 Specifications


  Forming Station  
Moving beam stroke 180mm (7.086)  
Toggle system Centered toggle design  
Tonnage available 150 US tons  
In mold cut system 150 US tons  
Forming area 890mm x 1016mm (34" x 40")  
Beam parallelism 0.02mm  
Clamp Frame Yes (option top and/or bottom)  
Plugging Standard: Top servo plug | Optional: Bottom servo plug   
Tool alignment feature Pneumatic, pin(s)  
Auto tool clamp system Yes  
Air product ejection Yes  
Mechanical product ejection  Yes, use clamp frame or mechanical tool ejection   
Top beam height adjustment  Motor driven with 268-705mm stroke  
Bottom beam height adjustment   No  
Tooling actuator valves 2 valves  
Strain gauges Standard  
  Cutting Station Punching Station
Moving beam stroke 180mm (7.086) 180mm (7.086)
Toggle system Centered toggle design  Centered toggle design 
Cutting capacity 150 US tons 150 US tons
Beam parallelism 0.02mm 0.02mm
Tool alignment feature Pneumatic, pin(s) Tool to beam = Pneumatic pins
Tool to tool = Outside of the chain rails as part of tool   
Knife heater Standard: Top | Optional: Bottom      Standard: Top | Optional: Bottom  
Top beam height adjustment    Servo driven stroke 82-262mm Servo drive stroke 97-262mm
Bottom beam height adjustment    Optional: 0-106mm Optional: 0-106mm
Y(TD) / W(rotation) station Optional: Servo driven Optional: Servo driven
Position adjustment ** Y-stroke = 6mm each way
W-angle = 1.5 degrees each way (total of 3 degrees)
Y-stroke = 6mm each way
W-angle = 1.5 degrees each way (total of 3 degrees)
X(MD) - Station position adjustment    Yes, servo Yes, servo
Strain gauges Yes, standard Yes, standard
Punch slug evacuation N/A Yes

** NXT provides increased flexibility to run a host of various products.