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NXTFiber Paper Former

Transformative Thermoforming: Efficiency, Innovation, and AI Integration.

Introducing our revolutionary paper thermoforming system. Meticulously crafted to redefine packaging sustainability for the future. Engineered with precision, it seamlessly facilitates the transition from plastic to paper, offering a seamless and cost-effective solution. Whether you’re packaging fresh food, produce, meat, or shelf-stable products, our paper-based solutions epitomize versatility and reliability. Leveraging our state-of-the-art paper-forming technology, we ensure that container prices remain competitive, closely aligning with plastic alternatives to safeguard your margins. Partnering with us unveils a unique process solution designed to diminish your carbon footprint while meeting sustainability requirements, all while maintaining your ROI. Allow us to lead you towards a greener, more sustainable future in food packaging, where environmental responsibility and profitability harmoniously coexist. Join us in shaping the next evolution of packaging.

Benefits of Our Packaging Solutions

Roll Stand

Hold 2 rolls of paper for easy changeover. Can utilize printed or unprinted paper.

Scoring Station

Product stays in web for scoring. Easy on-screen adjustments stored in recipe for recall.

Increase Tonnage & Output

Largest tonnage available in the market with 150 US tons in scoring and forming. Rigid platen design with center driven toggle design. Servo driven head adjustments. Servo driven forming stations with X, Y, W and Z adjustments.

Revolutionary Tool Change

Engineered for safety and speed. Requires one operator for changeover in record time. Automated tool change features.

Automated Product Extraction

Stacking, counting and conveyance. Versatile on-the-fly stack count change with recipe storage and recall. Smooth transition of product to conveyance system.

Universal Operation & Control

Engineered to provide optimal operator flexibility. HMI included on either side of the machine to allow left and right-hand operation. Provides ultimate access and safety for operator interface. 

Machinery Features:

Designed to accept existing tools designed for competitive offerings

Full access vertical doors on the front and back side

Modular - can add additional stations over time (punch, print, padding, labeling)

Center toggle-driven station

Forming area available up to - 1120mm x 1016mm (44" x 40"), largest in the market

Innovative and safe tool change

NXT is configured to run virtually any material

System will be enabled with additional sensors and vision for future upgrades to AI

Machine Options:

Bottom beam height adjustment

Servo driven Y/W station

Brown® CS Quad-Series Specifications
  Scoring Station
Moving beam stroke 180mm (7.086)
Toggle system Center toggle design 
Tonnage available 150 US tons
Forming area 1120mm x 1016mm (44" x 40")    
Beam parallelism 0.02mm
Tool alignment feature Pneumatic, pin(s)
Auto tool clamp system Yes
Top beam height adjusment    Motor driven
Bottom beam height adjustment    No
Strain gauges Standard
  Forming Station
Moving beam stroke 180mm (7.086)
Toggle system Centered toggle design
Forming capacity 150 US tons
Beam parallelism 0.02mm
Tool alignment feature Pneumatic, pin(s)
Top beam height adjustment Servo driven
Bottom beam height adjustment    Optional
Y(TD)/W(rotation) station Optional: Servo driven
Position Adjustment ** Y-stroke = 6mm each way
W-angle = 1.5 degrees each way (total of 3 degrees)   
X(MD)- Station position adjustment    Yes, servo
Strain gauges Yes, standard

** NXT provides increased flexibility to run a host of various products.