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Recycled round pizza box container

Revolutionary Pizza Box Design



The pizza box has been unchanged for decades: heavy, soggy, cumbersome, and square. The only innovation has been adding grease-absorbing pads, pizza tables, and, well, that’s about it. This is our “box,” round, simple, and recyclable.

35% Reduction in material
40% Reduction in weight
& Bio-based

Formed, Not Folded


Folding boxes is a task of the past. Our top is the bottom, and the bottom is the top. This two-piece design is universal. All you need is two pieces, and then you decide on the top and bottom of the box. The other advantage of this design is that it makes for a compact stack for storing and shipping. Oh yeah, they also nest, making carrying more than one pie easy by eliminating boxes sliding all over.

No more labor to fold boxes
More time to make pies

Chef’s Choice


We didn’t just add grease wells to eliminate a soggy pie. Our box has specially designed vents to exhaust moisture to ensure your pizza isn’t ruined when it leaves your restaurant. We like to call this “Desogification”. Our box improves your pie. It’s not just another cardboard carrier.

Your sauce is the boss



High grammage paperboard thermoformed to give it the strength it needs. Engineered design helps create rigidity and gives you the innovations of grease wells, venting, nesting, and our quick tab closure.




A recyclable option where 100% of the callous fiber comes from sustainable sources and 99% is harvested from lands that are covered by certification. Last year, certified forestry harvested 900 million trees and replanted over 2.5 Billion.




We help showcase your creations, elevating your pizza and eliminating that soggy crust. Our box is designed to lift your pizza above the grease with our multipurpose well design.

Turns into a serving tray
Eliminates all those stacks of boxes
& Bio-Based

Round Pizza Box Features & Benefits:


Less material, Less weight

Your team has time to focus on the customer

Steam vents – we also call this the smell “enhancer”

Protects that crispy crust

Built-in Grease well

Shelf stacking

This translates to hundreds of sustainable solutions!

Sustainability is the driving force behind all that we do. We see this solution as a stepping stone to a more carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly solution for the food industry and the world.

Plastic to paper.

Dialing in and optimizing your sustainable performance process does not have to be a guessing game. Let BMG help by partnering in the planning stage. We offer end-to-end solution design, engineering, and manufacturing for a sustainable future. We work together so you can plan for complete control of each phase and come to an affordable, sustainable solution. BMG delivers accuracy, reliability, and easy replication of proven processes for faster, safer, sustainable, and more cost-effective manufacturing of eco-friendly packaging.



In a word, yes. ROI is always important and necessary to consider when looking at sustainable solutions. Our paper-forming technology makes moving from cardboard to paper easier, we know that for true market acceptance, the price of your pizza box needs to be as low as possible, ensuring that you protect your margin when rethinking your box. Get ready because we have achieved that with our advanced manufacturing system. Let us show you how we can engineer a process solution that lessens your carbon footprint while solving for your sustainable food packaging needs.


Manufacturing Efficiency

This is a consistent, high-speed, and reliable forming solution. BMG’s legacy is building advanced thermoforming solutions. Using that experience, we have redefined how paper is formed and driven paper forming beyond its previous limits. Our state-of-the-art purpose-driven packaging and automation solutions create efficiencies in the manufacturing process that have never been realized in the past. Today’s solutions are built on a foundation of interactive functionality that allows for accurate use of time and assets.


Packaging Efficiency

Our automated forming and packaging solutions ensure that our trays require the least amount of manual labor possible. We automate from forming to the pallet, reducing the cost per tray through our forming and packaging innovation. The Pizza Box may be carrying your “Sinatra” pretty soon, but with a bit of re-engineering, it can hold all forms of fresh food, produce, meat, and any other consumer shelf-stable food products the public is interested in. where viewability, product safety, strength, and sustainable enclosures are tantamount to success.


Sealing Characteristics

It’s much easier to sell a packing product when everyone, from the government to the consumer, has been begging for it. BMG has created what the market has been asking for. This product’s unique design structure and use of sustainable substrate solutions position itself as the best thing since sliced bread.

Sustainably shaped for what's next.

The consumer has been calling for it, the government is busy regulating the change, and manufacturing needs to pull the band off and prepare for the wholesale changes just around the corner. We live on this block, and around the corner, we know what's coming, and this product line is the future of sustainability.

Green Badge

Low Carbon:
light-weight & bio-based to reduce plastic

Green Badge

Made from sustainably sourced, renewable tree fibers

Green Badge

Guaranteed safe for direct food contact and in high-heat.

Green Badge

Highly formable into demanding tray-shape

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